Dear friends and family of the Charitable Foundation of the Family; I would like to thank you all for your wonderful support and contributions over the last year.

2009 proved to be a difficult year for many individuals who found themselves to be the casualties of the poor economic landscape. Our foundation received numerous phone calls from social workers on behalf of people who were in desperate situations who were not only looking for financial aid, but were looking for hope as well. Whether it was a mother homeless due to an abusive relationship, a parent needing accommodations while their infant was having heart surgery, a father of 7 with no work, new Canadians with no ability to clothe and feed themselves, mental illness, stress disorders and the list continues on and it is evident that the foundation was there to offer not only a hand, but some hope that people care.

I believe that hope is one of the greatest gifts the foundation has to offer, through our financial aid, we demonstrate to councilors, agencies and the people they help that there are individuals in our community who care about them and are willing to offer a helping hand. We all have the opportunity to give others hope, either through kind words, simple commitment of your time, an ear to listen and understand, and through your financial resources.

On behalf of all the people that have benefited from your kindness, I would like to offer my thanks.

Annual General Meeting

We would like to invite you at attend our annual general meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 6:00pm.

Food will be served at the office of Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation located at 130, 4029 – 8 Street SE, Calgary, AB.

Report on Finances

The Charitable Foundation of the Family is committed to maximizing your contributions and making sure your donations are going to those who are in real need.

For the fiscal year ending December 31, 2009, the following financial assistance was provided:

(% of 2009 Donations)

Assist the Poor






Missionary Work



St. James Memorial



Total Funds Distributed



Admin Costs: $3,825.46

Donations received in 2009: $57,806.62

Goal for 2010 is to raise: $60,000.00

** this percentage has donations carried over from the surplus of the previous year.

Board Of Directors

We would like to take a moment to thank our board for their assistance and help over the last several years. It is only through volunteers that we are able to maximize donor funds and continue to offer assistance to so many.

Thank you: Cliff White, Shawn Curran, Don Carruthers Den Hoed, Lisa Spies and Mary-Ann Smulders.

At our next annual general meeting we will be looking to once again fill our slate of board members. We would like to encourage both existing board members and anyone who would be interested in getting involved to consider the opportunity to join our board.

We will be looking for individuals who are able to contribute to a position on the board for a few hours on a monthly basis.