Dear friends and family of the Charitable Foundation of the Family;
How do you support your community? The Charitable Foundation of the Family wants you to be involved in helping our city, province and country, be the best it can be by donating funds to the issues you think are most important.

Donation Report

It is only through your generous donations that we are able to provide necessary aid to those that need a roof over their head, food on their table and the hope that there is a way out of the challenging situations that many in our community find themselves in. To date, we have raised $29,000 and would like to thank you for your assistance. We are seeking $31,000 to reach our goal of $60,000 in charitable donations for 2010.

If you or someone you know would like to make a donation to the foundation you can now do so online! Visit our website at to find out more about the CFF and click on the “donate” button to make a contribution today. A tax-deductable receipt is provided and your time and postage is saved!

Who Are You Helping?

I received a call this morning from a Grandmother who is looking for some assistance. She and her husband have recently taken in their two grandchildren: a 2 year old and an 8 year old. They were living with their mother who had an addiction problem that she is now seeking treatment for. Child services got involved and the children were going to end up in foster care if the grandparents did not take them in. The children’s father was tragically killed in an accident.

The cost of taking in the children has created some challenges for the couple. The grandmother had a heart attack six months ago and has been unable to work in her profession. Her husband is fully employed as a maintenance person.They have been able to stay up to date on their monthly rent but have difficulty keeping the utilities paid. They have received final notice and the power will be turned off early next week if no payment is made.

She is at the end of her list of people she can call for help and wants to provide her grandchildren a safe, and secure home to live in. She feels that cancelling the power will cause further stress on her and the children and is overwhelmed by what they have been through enough already.

A one month payment of utilities has given this family hope that has allowed them to once again stand on their own two feet..

Do you want to help? Donate now and lend a hand to more people in situations like this.

Board of Directors

At our general meeting on April 27, 2010 we built a new team of dedicated individuals to lead the Charitable Foundation of the Family in the direction of community focused activities ensuring that our donor funds are used to continue development and influence the people in Calgary to make change, promote education, and provide financial support or opportunity for those who are searching for help the most. I would like to welcome and thank:

Shawn Curran

Clifford White

Delanie Coad

Jamie Vadori

for donating their time to help the foundation and maximize our donors funds through continued community assistance and growth. We are looking for new board members. If you are interested in making a difference – please contact us

Financial Report

The Charitable Foundation of the Family is committed to maximizing your contributions and making sure your donations are going to those who are in real need. This is our activity report from June 1st to November 1st, 2010 showing where funds have been allocated:

Assist the Poor




Youth Development


Admin Costs